Powering Healthy, High-Performance Companies

The new paradigm of performance management

Create teams your people will proudly talk about for years to come

Think of the best team you’ve ever been part of…everyone had each other’s backs, was committed to a significant outcome, and gave it their all. There were huge challenges, but you brought out the best in each other, and got great results. You loved the camaraderie and proudly remember what you accomplished together. How does that compare with your teams and company today?

SimplyWin helps teams and companies operationalize organizational health to create higher performing teams and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Get everyone rowing in the same direction

  • Create clarity on the vital few things that lead to extraordinary success
  • Get the team owning the results rather than just the leader
  • Assess progress on objectives to prompt healthy conversations about the most important things
  • Achieve commitment around decisions made, who’s doing what, and what to communicate

Focus energy on what matters most

  • Quickly create and align goals with a simple guided process
  • Visualize how goals align and contribute to strategic objectives
  • View real-time progress and discuss what’s most important
  • Recognize achievements and celebrate success

Bring out the best in your people

  • Engage and equip your people with one to one check-ins
  • Enable managers and direct reports with data-driven feedback
  • Foster alignment to company values through mutual feedback
  • Easily create performance reviews from previous check ins

Cultivate a culture of trust

  • Consistently reinforce your mission, vision, and values
  • Enable company-wide visibility into top-level performance measures
  • Provide insights for departments and teams
  • Celebrate progress and foster cross-functional collaboration